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Our Story


The Storehouse functions as a fundraising arm for Christian World Missions. It allows us to sustain and grow our outreach programs. As a non-profit, all proceeds are reinvested in the ministry. Our team has hosted MSU Alumni Events, the Starkville/MSU Symphony Gala, Starkville Community Theatre events, the MSU Fashion Board Show, Fraternity and Sorority events, weddings, receptions, conferences, reunions, retirement and birthday parties. Our promise is also our motto, The Storehouse, "Where Every Detail Matters.” We take care of the details, so you can enjoy the day. 


Christian World Missions is a non-profit ministry that reaches out to impoverished communities of Starkville and around the world. Our mission is to help people to discover their own God-given identity and become all that He made them understand that they are loved, always. The primary mission of Christian World Missions is to help individuals come to know Christ, and then, to provide financial support, education, direction, and counsel to help them grow as disciples. Our ministry endeavors to address material needs and urgent physical and mental issues, all with a great emphasis on spiritual enrichment. We strive to alleviate human suffering and instill hope with everyone we can reach.

Lee Ann Williamson, Executive Director, saw an opportunity and need to create a local outreach program, for underserved and at-risk kids. These after-school and summer programs provide a structured environment for children who would, otherwise, not have one. Our objective is to help them develop into responsible citizens and foster a desire for community service. We are not a charity. We expect our students, as adults, to pass on their knowledge, when the time comes. To navigate the challenges of life, successfully, we all require guidance, throughout life; as leaders, we demonstrate this to our youth every single day.  

Local Youth Outreach Program


How We Teach

• Academic Excellence - daily individualized tutoring and

  homework help 

• Social Literacy and Character Development - making

  sound decisions with logic and reason 

• Financial Literacy and Stability - making responsible

  monetary decisions by learning to budget and living within

  your means

• Healthy Lifestyle Choices - learning to make

  wise choices with food and activity in order to live longer

  and happier lives

• Family & Community - developing strong

  relationships through communication skills, anger

  management, and conflict resolution

• Commitment to Community Service - fostering a desire to    serve others and improve our community and nation 

  through service projects

• Community Events - Tailgate parties, movie nights, family

  night dinners,  neighborhood gatherings, and holiday      


• Field Trips - providing a “window to the world,” through

  interesting new experiences

• Career Counseling

• Career Fairs – introducing students to the many options for    their future  
**We teach life skills using principles of love, acceptance,

  and forgiveness.

Growth Objectives

• Increase the number of children we can serve 

• Preceptorships - students spend a day following leaders in    business, education, non-profit, politics, etc., to build

  relationships, mentorships, and have real-world


• Business and entrepreneurial programs and speakers

• Create a court-approved program that is an alternative to    


If any of these projects speak to you, please join us. We have a strong network of gracious volunteers and partners, that keeps the ministry running smoothly. We rely on donors, major benefactors, and business sponsors to sustain and grow the ministry. You can make a huge difference in a child’s life, as well. We want to grow this local program with local residents. These are Starkville’s children, and they need us all.

 International Missions

Our international outreach focuses on establishing long-standing relationships with indigenous Christian workers.    Our goal is to pass along crucial church-planting and discipleship education in order to encourage strong, self-sustaining churches.  Once each individual partnership has reached the goals we have set together with them, we release them to follow God’s plan and move on to help another partner.

We have partnerships in India, Nepal, Nigeria, and Pakistan.   
What We Provide

• Salaries for pastors and medical workers

• Medical missions

• Fund transportation and school for pastors in the U.S.

• Scholarships for 40 pastors a year

• Orphan support School materials

• Food distribution programs                       

• Agricultural programs

• Clothing and hygiene supplies

• Help with prison ministries

• Camping for children, youth and adults

• Purchase buses, vans, motorcycles, bikes
What We Build
• 1200+ churches worldwide  (from 20 to 50 new churches

  each year)

• Medical Clinics with staff 

• Nursing schools

• Orphanages

• Pre-schools

• Bible schools

• Computer schools

• Sewing schools

• Dormitories

• Libraries

• Homes for the poor

• Eldercare homes 

 Again, if any of these projects speak to you, please join us. Your support will make a real lasting impact in the lives of those in need.



Our History



Christian World Missions was established in 1971 as Cecil Williamson Ministry (CWM) in Evangelism. Cecil is a native Mississippian who has lived in Starkville for the last 45 years. He attended Mississippi State University but graduated from Millsaps College. He received his graduate degree from the Candler School of Theology, at Emory University in Atlanta. He worked as a church pastor for the next 21 years in Georgia and Mississippi. During that time, he felt a calling to serve in developing nations. By the mid-seventies, the ministry had begun to reach out all over the world, working with indigenous church leaders in many different countries. Over the years, he had the opportunity to work on five continents and five islands, engaging with amazing people and experiencing unique cultures. Those experiences taught him how to communicate effectively with everyone. It is the primary reason this ministry still thrives, after 45 years.


As Cecil neared retirement and his ministry council realized the need to plan for a future beyond his leadership. A new name for the ministry was chosen that would reflect the international scope -  Christian World Missions (CWM).  In 2009, Cecil’s daughter, Lee Ann, returned to Starkville to work with CWM. She became Executive Director in 2011. Lee Ann had 30 years’ experience running her own successful ministry, much the same as our dad’s ministry, at CWM. She was the obvious choice for continued success.

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